What's the Red List?

   The Red List is a list complied by IUCN describing the status and risk of extinction of thousands of plants and animals. The red list groups species according to 9 different classes such as Least Concern, Vulnerable, Endangered or Extinct. Species like the Wooly-stalked Begonia and Yangtze River dolphin of China, which haven't been sighted in years, are being declared on the Red List as extinct. The number of endangered species has been rising steadily, increasing by 200 in the past 2 years alone. 

What's happening?

Animals' lives are being threatened. Most of the issue is caused by humans; hunting/ fishing, habitat encroachment and destruction as well as global warming all contribute in endangering animals. Endangered means that something is facing a high risk of extinction. Extinction is the process/condition of a species ceasing to exist. Animals need our help so that they don't disappear forever.